Solo Sex for Period Pain: Become Part of the Menstrubation Initiative

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Every month many women suffer from pain and discomfort during their period. While pain pills offer quick relief, there are other ways, too. In fact, orgasms can relieve abdominal cramps and ensure that women feel comfortable in their own skin again. Womanizer and Lunette are championing masturbation during menstruation – they not only believe this is important but have jointly launched the Menstrubation Initiative.

Stop the gender health gap!

Women are often neglected in medicine and research. For example, it was not until 1998 (seriously!) that the full size of the clitoris was discovered. Even today, topics such as menstruation and masturbation are still considered taboo. No wonder that physical complaints such as period pains have not been adequately researched. Women are often told to simply  “take an Ibuprofen and make yourself a hot water bottle”. But this needs to change. For this reason, and to celebrate the annual Masturbation Month of May, Lunette and Womanizer are jointly launching the Menstrubation (Menstruation + Masturbation) initiative.

Become part of the Menstrubation Initiative

Masturbation during your period? This is still a taboo for many women. It’s a shame because solo sex can help against pain – well,  it’s actually the endorphins that are produced in the body during orgasm. That’s why Womanizer and Lunette are launching the Menstrubation Initiative. We are looking for 1000 women worldwide who have to deal with severe menstrual pain every month and want to become part of the community. All will be equipped with a Womanizer STARLET 2 in Cherry Red and a 3-month pack of organic tampons. Then the fun begins! For three months – that is, three cycles – the prescription to counteract stomach cramps is masturbation and sex toy use instead of painkillers. You fill out a questionnaire before, during and after this test phase, and document your experiences either in writing or by video. The results are then evaluated and shared anonymously. The initiative starts on May 1st, so sign up! HOW? LINK?

The reasons why orgasms can help against pain

First, a look at the numbers: Womanizer conducted a 6-month international study with 500 women with the aim of finding out whether orgasms are better pain killers. The result was that more than 95 percent of participants confirmed that they had less menstrual pain due to masturbation. Around 80 percent were able to go completely without painkillers and nine out of ten women stated that they generally felt happier and more relaxed.

Womanizer finally wants to destigmatize female masturbation. The results show that it is positive and healthy to choose masturbation over painkillers.

– Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment at Womanizer

But why do orgasms help against pain?

First of all, as sexual excitement increases, other sensations in our consciousness take a back seat. Pain too. Relaxation in the body displaces negative feelings. In addition, the brain produces its own painkillers during sex, namely endorphins. These hormones work in a similar way to morphine – only they are much healthier. Good reasons to have a round of solo sex during menstruation, right?

The lack of studies on women’s health has motivated us to take matters into our own hands.

Anyone interested can sign up for the Menstrubation Initiative via this page. Registration closes on May 15th. The final participants will be contacted.

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