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Sex is NOT a dirty word

It’s 2020 – and many people still don’t want to talk about sex. And we ask: why?

Tender on Tinder

Tender on Tinder

Some first dates just go better than others. Just check out our U*Diaries stories, all written by our own readers, to find out why…

Tender on Tinder
Tender on Tinder

Some first dates just go better than others. Just check out our U*Diaries stories, all written by our own readers, to find out why…

a-spot a-Punkt
The Female A-spot: where is it and why does it need our attention?

Unlike its’ sister, the G-spot, the A-spot doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The A-spot often is confused with the G-spot, but they are actually two separate areas, that produce very different reactions. What is great about the A-spot is that it can actually be stimulated internally during anal sex, despite the myth that women feel little to no pleasure during anal. The A-spot allows women to receive orgasmic pleasure beyond the clitoris.

Trying Anal For The First Time: How do I raise the subject?

It seems like anal sex is the final frontier for most couples. Maybe it’s the same for you and your relationship? Would you like to try it out with your partner, but you’re feeling a little unsure about what the first steps are? Then we have some tips for you.

tips for masturbation
What’s right for me? 9 Tips for Masturbation

Do you find it difficult to have an orgasm? Maybe you just haven’t found the right trigger for you yet. Masturbation helps you try out new techniques without any pressure and helps you find out what really turns you on. Let our tips help!

sex and the city hashtag Wokecharlotte
Hashtag #WokeCharlotte: a contemporary “Sex and the City”

Sex and the City is a cult TV series and for a good reason. The 1990s HBO series was influential and set trends. Never before had women on television spoken so openly about their sexuality. Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha lived an emancipated lifestyle and in many cases were an inspiration to real women.

vaginal odor o-diaries
Vaginal Odor and What It Means For You

While vaginas that smell of roses and sunshine are unrealistic and only seen in silly marketing campaigns for body perfumes or douches, there are some instances where the odor of your vagina can mean important things for your general health. Find out what your body is trying to tell you!

two spirit people o-diaries
Two Spirit People: Rethinking gender

“Pink if it’s a girl; blue if it’s a boy” – the socialization of biological sex often starts before birth in our society. In contrast, the indigenous people of North America practiced a far more advanced interpretation of gender. Perhaps it’s time we learned from their wisdom.

How to clean sex toys: A little guide

Sex toys are a great way to enrich our love lives. They deserve some care and maintenance. If you’ve ever wondered how to clean your sex toys properly – we’ve got you covered.

mutual masturbation
6 Surprising benefits of mutual masturbation

Sure, playing alone is fun. But why play alone when you an invite your partner to join the fun? Mutual masturbation is one of the most beneficial activities for your relationship and your intimacy. Just check out these six little-known benefits…

Endometriose endometriosis
Endometriosis: more than just period pain

Women can suffer from intense pain during their periods, but it can be difficult to distinguish if the pain is part of the menstrual cycle or a symptom of an underlying problem. That’s why it’s important to detect endometriosis early on and learn more about it.

Anal sex for beginners: How to make a smooth start

If you’ve been wanting to try something new, then you’ve probably thought about anal sex before. It’s no surprise – women and men can experience equally intense sexual pleasure and orgasms. Why? There are a number of nerve endings that make the anus highly-erogenous. So what should you pay attention to, if you’ve decided to try anal for the first time? Here we give an overview of how it works and we have put together a few tips for beginners.

cuffing season o diaries
Cuffing Season? Not for emancipated women it isn’t!

As if there wasn’t already enough weird trend terminology in the world of dating, there is now another new term for us to learn: the “cuffing season”. We’ll explain what hides behind this strange phenomenon and why emancipated women consider the trend to be a step backwards.

slow sex
Slow Sex: Worth the Hype?

The Internet is full of promising claims about a new trend called ‘Slow Sex’. But what does it actually entail? And could it really take sexual tenderness to a new level? We’ve taken a closer look.

Sex on business trips
Sex on business trips: two businesswomen tell all

Business trips are not just about business encounters. Or in other words: Some (hot) negotiations are transferred to the hotel room and carried out between the sheets. This is not a cliché, as two business women who travel a lot reveal in an interview. Let’s call them Anna and Bea.

New: The Oh Really?! Show – Episode 1 ft. Maria-José

Drumroll pleeease… let us introduce our online series: The Oh Really?! Show. The idea? We drink, we play and we have open and honest discussions with each other – about everything from solo sex, masturbation in general and the wondrous world of orgasms.

sex talk o-diaries
Sex is NOT a dirty word

It’s 2020 – and many people still don’t want to talk about sex. And we ask: why?

first orgasm
The first orgasm: 10 confessions of real people

For many, their very first orgasm is an exciting first step toward exploring their sexuality. Others hardly remember it. Experiences range from embarrassing to romantic highlight. We’ve asked 10 people about the first time they orgasmed. Here are their confessions.

graphic novels fuer frauen o diaries
Graphic novels for women about women

There are many inspiring women in life and all of them have one thing in common: advocating for women’s rights and emancipation. And naturally, such inspirational women make fascinating characters in graphic novels. We’ve collected some examples of stories.

The Vulva Gallery: Every vulva is beautiful

Every woman is unique and so is her vulva. And yet many adult women struggle with the physical appearance of their genitals. Hilde Atalanta is trying to change this frame of mind with The Vulva Gallery. 

love-hate relationship to instagram o diaries
My Love-Hate Relationship to Instagram: It’s complicated

Today is International Women’s Day. It’s a trend on the self-representation platform Instagram too–#womensday. So it’s time to think how presentation and competition for recognition are compatible with emancipation and a strong female image.

Nudity on Instagram: my body – my decision

When men paint or take photos of women in the nude the results are generallycelebrated as works of art. However, when women post nude photos of themselves on Instagram, they are often stigmatized as sex objects. Enough with the double standards!

male orgasm o-diaries
We need to talk about the male orgasm

Men talk little; women talk a lot, all the time and about everything – and especially about se? And yet the male orgasm is a subject just as worthy of appreciation and conversation as its female counterpart.

u*diaries o-diaries
The Morning After

The hottest stories are often ones from real life. Just check out our U*Diaries stories, all written by our own readers, to find out why…

husband stitch
The Husband Stitch: A shocking reality

It sounds like a horror story from the Middle Ages, but in fact it’s a shocking reality of modern society. The myth surrounding the “husband stitch” (or “daddy stitch”) is not a myth at all.

Desert Flower Foundation Waris Dirie
The Desert Flower Foundation: An Interview with Waris Dirie

She is the woman who has brought to the world stage the fight against female genital mutilation, in short known as FGM. In her interview with the O*Diaries, the author and model Waris Dirie speaks on her work with her organization, the Desert Flower Foundation.

why tinder is not for me o diaries
Goodbye Tinder – or why online dating isn’t right for me (anymore)

Online dating is no longer stigmatized and has become instead a great success story. Between 2003 and 2017, the number of online dating participants in Germany grew an incredible 1300%. Despite all promises, our author has had a different experience of her own….

bondage fuer Anfaenger
The Ultimate Guide to Bondage for Beginners

With increasing popularity in books and movies like 50 Shades of Grey, BDSM and bondage are no longer the mysterious or stigmatized concepts they once were. For those who are curious about testing the waters, here are our 5 tips on bondage for beginners.

The myth of the anal orgasm – does it exist?

When it comes to anal sex, people’s opinions differ widely. For some, anal sex is the royal treatment to sexual gratification, whilst others have memories of pain and insecurity. We take a closer look at anal sex and explore whether anal orgasms are real.

sexuelle orientierung o-diaries
A Short Glossary of Sexual Orientation

In our LGBTQI glossary, we have already explained a few different terms from the community, as there may be some uncertainty around one thing or another. In this glossary we expand upon a few different variants of sexual orientation – all in the spirit of inclusion.

masturbation o-diaries
Masturbation in a relationship? Yes, of course!

Men and women can often feel threatened when their partner masturbates. But we really don’t have to feel like this. Indeed, masturbation can in fact be a positive force when accepted into an intimate relationship.

Vulva Shaming – for real? We need vagina confidence

Our bodies are different, and so are our genitals. That’s a fact. We could just accept the premise, maybe even be proud of the uniqueness of our most private body parts, but some women have chosen to follow a terrifying trend – vulva shaming. But why?

Ode to emotions

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been called a cry-baby. And for the longest time, I thought it was an insult. But I’ve come to appreciate my sensitive side.

Porno für Frauen o diaries
Porn for women: tasteful, erotic and emancipated – but does it exist?

The prolific output of the porn industry is actually pretty disappointing. The market is dominated by material that is  suited to the desires of men. But it’s all just a matter of finding the right material. The search isn’t easy, but it does exist: tasteful pornography for women.

dental dams lecktuch
My Experience with Dental Dams: Regret-Free Oral Sex

As according to a sex survey, around 75% of all women enjoy oral sex. But how does a woman protect herself during oral sex when she is the recipient? There’s actually a solution on the market for stress-free oral sex – the dental dam! I tried it out.

what we think during oral sex
What do we think about during oral sex? 10 millennials tell all

Let’s be honest – oral sex is just one of those things. Do we really know how our partners prefer it? Hard or soft? Use of teeth, tongue, lips – the list of unknowns is long. We’ve asked 10 millennials about their thoughts during oral sex. The answers range from insecure, distracted to absolute delight.

me too o-diaries
Sorry not Sorry: #MeToo Overkill

We have all experienced sexual harassment in some way or another. And ever since the whole Harvey Weinstein affair, the topic has been a constant focus in the media. Something that should only be encouraged. But sometimes there is too much of a good thing.

abortion o-diaries
Can you get an abortion in Germany?

It might sound strange, but there is still uncertainty among young women living in Germany as to whether they have legal access to terminate a pregnancy without being punished for it. We talked to an expert and got to the bottom of it.

lgtb o-diaries
The little LGBTQI Glossary

LGBTQI is actually the acronym for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer and Intersex Life”. But what exactly do the individual terms mean?