Ice cream, chili, headphones: The best masturbation accessories

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Naturally, the most important accessory you need for masturbating is yourself. You, a quiet place and time make up the perfect recipe for some quality you-time. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some simple ways to spice up your solo sex. We have a few suggestions …

These helpers are ideal in the summer heat

When it is really hot outside, there are a few masturbation accessories that can keep you cool. Try some of these:

Ice cubes

Cold, moist, sparkling: An ice cube not only cools but also makes the skin more sensitive. And that intensifies the pleasure. Try it!

Cooling lubricant

Try putting the lube in the refrigerator before using it with you If sex toys. This is a great tip to keep cool in summer.

Cooling snacks for a refreshment in between

A solo sex marathon can be quite exhausting, especially when it is so hot … How about a small picnic in bed? There are snacks that cool and make us hot at the same time. Ice-cold watermelon, grapes from the freezer or – if you dare – chili. This spicy treat not only makes you hot, it also cools the body from the inside thanks to capsaicin.

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The basics

There are a few things that you should always have at hand if you want to make your you-time particularly beautiful:

A sexy playlist

Masturbating without music is somehow like french fries without ketchup. A really good beat helps you find your own solo sex rhythm. So make your very own masturbation playlist.

Really good headphones

Do you have annoyingly loud neighbors? Well, that can ruin the moment. To prevent this from happening, simply listen to your playlist via noise-canceling headphones.

A cozy blanket

No matter where your favorite place for solo sex is, a cozy blanket can

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The upgrade

Your solo sex is great, but it can get even better with a few hacks.

Sex toys

Whether clitoral stimulator, rabbit vibrator, anal plug or cock ring, there is the perfect sex for everyone that can augment your masturbation routine.The best way to find out is to try them out for yourself.

Sources of inspiration

A little inspiration can upgrade your solo sex. Try some erotic literature, a hot audiobook or a sexy movie:

we-vibe Nova 2

We-Vibe Nova 2

Nova 2 is the perfect toy for more self love and mindfulness.

womanizer Liberty

Womanizer LIBERTY

Womanizer LIBERTY is perfect for any spontaneous adventure.

Good reasons for solo sex

  • Finally having sex with someone you really like!
  • In the mood for sex, but your partner is somewhere else.
  • There is no better way to get to know your own body and needs.
  • Orgasms burn calories, provide the glow and push our immune system. If these are not good reasons to have fun with yourself more often!

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