The Best Rabbit Vibrator from We-Vibe Nova: Nova 2 has arrived!

Nova 2 Review Test Erfahrung

Rabbit vibrators usually promise double the fun: clitoral and vaginal stimulation. One who keeps this promise reliably is the We-Vibe Nova. Because the sky’s the limit when it comes to sex toys, We-Vibe have invested in refining their popular rabbit vibrator and our author has tested the brand new toy for you.

Nova 2: At first glance…

I’ll admit it, I am eagerly waiting for the delivery. I am so curious about the follow-up to We-Vibe Nova. When I finally have the box in my hands, I’m happy with the discreet packaging.

The toy is nicely packaged and makes a strong first impression on me. The first word that flashes through my head when I hold Nova 2 in my hand is: sporty. Thanks to its adjustable shape and flexible stimulation arm, it should adapt particularly well to my body and, above all, remain in place – no matter how much I move. So the promise is non-stop pleasure? Sounds good, doesn’t it? But before we start with the We-Vibe Nova 2 test, here is an overview of all the hard facts:

  • Adjustable fit
  • Flexible arm
  • Water resistant
  • Can be charged with USB
  • Used with We-Connect app
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Made from skin-friendly, soft silicone

Putting Nova 2 to the Test: Wow, this toy is flexible!

Flexible, adaptable, cuddly – these are the key attributes of the Nova. And in the hand it feels wonderfully cuddly. With a little lubricant, Nova 2 is easy to insert. And here the flexible stimulation arm pays off because there is no unpleasant pulling.

We come to the biggest win: the stimulation arm remains in constant contact with the clitoris – no matter how wildly you move when you’re focusing on the G-spot. Nova 2 fits perfectly everytime!

Thanks to the two motors, this version of the rabbit vibrator has real power, I really enjoy clicking through the different vibration modes. There is no boredom here. Especially not if you connect the toy to the We-Connect app. And that works wonderfully straightforward. I don’t have to push around on any buttons, but control my playtime comfortably via the smartphone. Another advantage? Your partner can also do this if you feel like giving up control. And all without even being in the same room…

We-Vibe nova 2

Who is We-Vibe Nova 2 for?

Mindfulness plays a big role in my life. I put effort into things like nutrition, meditation, yoga and everything else that is good for me. And I believe that physical love is also a huge part of self-love.

Therefore, in addition to a delicious breakfast, a refreshing shower and yoga, I also include masturbation into my morning routine. First I start with a few exercises for my tense back, then a rejuvenating orgasm to wake me up properly.

Nova 2 is my go-to morning companion, that’s for sure.

Nova 2 – The Best Rabbit Vibrator Ever

After enjoying it, I can only sing a song of praise for the new, improved Nova. The toy looks great, feels wonderful and keeps all its promises. As the clitoris is continuously stimulated, Nova 2 is a real guarantee of orgasm. Thanks to the two motors, it has a lot of oomph and the vibration modes ensure variety. It adapts not only to my body, but also to my life very easily. Not least because of the We-Connect app. One thing is certain: this toy has secured a regular place in my bedroom.

Discover Nova 2 for 99 USD!

nova 2 o-diaries

The Girls From Come Curious Ask: Is This The Best Rabbit Vibrator Ever?

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