Pelvic floor muscle: the secret love muscle?

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The pelvic floor muscle is often referred to as the ‘love muscle’, but is the moniker actually true? And just what does the pelvic floor musculature have to do with orgasm intensity? Let’s find out.

Stomach and buttock muscles receive a lot of attention in our society of self-optimization, but there’s a lesser-known muscle just beneath the pelvis which is just as exciting. According to sex experts, the pelvic floor muscle can increase sexual arousal and facilitate a more intense sexual experience. However, that’s only true if the muscle is developed.

Why the pelvic floor muscle increases orgasm intensity

A well-trained love muscle leads to increased blood supply to the sexual organs, and this in turn boosts sensitivity during sex. Orgasms can be achieved in less time, but are also said to be felt more intensely. There are even scientific studies confirming the interrelation of the pelvic floor muscle and orgasm frequency. According to a study with 176 female participants in 2010 (Lowenstein), those with a stronger pelvic floor musculature climaxed more often than women with a weaker love muscle.

But things don’t only get better for women. Men can also benefit from a partner with a strong pelvic floor musculature during the love play. A trained muscle can tighten the vagina and increase the intensity of penetration. By the way, it can be just as useful for men to train their own pelvic floor muscles, as greater strength can offer them enhanced control over their climax.

Of course, the primary role of the pelvic floor musculature isn’t the heightening of our lust, but the optimal positioning of the internal organs, such as the bowl, uterus and bladder. Many also wrongly assume that pelvic floor training is meant exclusively for older women or women who have recently given birth. True, a weak pelvic musculature can lead to incontinence. However, training is easy to integrate into daily life and the effects are positive for both men and women. Indeed, it would be a wasted opportunity not to train the love muscle!

Training the pelvic floor muscle: here’s how

Naturally, some will reach for Yoni eggs, but you can train your pelvic floor muscles just fine without the use of accessories. Yoga, for example, is an excellent way to strengthen the pelvic floor area. Similarly, pilates can yield positive results. But training the love muscle is simple, even when standing at the supermarket checkout or brushing your teeth. Firstly, you need to locate it. Imagine you’re sitting on the toilet and try to interrupt your urine stream. There: this small internal movement is the work of the pelvic floor muscle.

Now, hold tight, count to three (slowly) and then let go. Repeat 10 times. With each repetition of the exercise increase the count. Alternatively, you can try contracting the muscles for as long as possible, perhaps 1 minute. If you’re sitting at work, sit upright. Leaning on a backrest might be more comfortable, but it progressively weakens the muscles. So, sitting upright is not only better for your back, but also your love muscle.

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