Galentine’s Day: The Best Gifts For Your Girl Gang

Galentines Day

According to cheesy rom-coms the 13th of February was once busy with last minute scrambles for dates. However, these days the 13th is now ideal for a celebration of a different – though no less important – type of love: friendship. Your crew, your girls, whatever you want to call them, are an important source of support and joy so why not give these strong, positive women the fiesta they deserve. Here are our top 5 ideas for a great Galentine’s Day.

Bottomless brunch

A mimosa (or 5) is a great way to kick things off this Galentine’s Day. An excellent (and cost-effective idea) is to host your own brunch. All you need is a few bottles of fizz and orange juice, some tasty pastries and maybe some fruit. Whatever the dietary requirements, the most important ingredient is the company of good friends.

Share the love

You know the saying, sharing is caring and if you can’t talk about your favorite bedroom accessories with your gals, then you might have to find a new crew. Last year, I celebrated Galentine’s Day and made sure my friends would enjoy their night just as much by gifting them all the Womanizer LIBERTY. As a fan of the toy myself, I wanted to take the chance to make sure my friends were celebrating themselves with as much serious self-case as they deserved.

Netflix and chill (and actually chill)

Getting together for Galentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a big deal – in fact, some of the best times I’ve had with my friends has just been chilling on the couch, eating pizza and arguing about whether Louis Theroux is a babe or not. The “Netflix and Chill” concept needs a serious rebranding. Rather than a corny Tinder date idea, let’s go back to the true definition and literally chill with some Netflix.

Fun and games

For a party last year, I had the idea of reinventing some classic board games and it turned out so well, I’ve adapted the idea for several follow-up occasions. For example, this Galentine’s Day, I got a bit crafty and made my own version of Guess Who. Replacing the cartoon faces are now my hastily printed pictures of 2000’s pop culture favorites. Whether they choose Seth from the OC or Aaron Carter, either way my girl gang guests are going to have fun.

Walk down memory lane

More of than not, you’ll have actually known your friends longer than the person you’ll be sitting across the candlelit table from on Valentine’s Day. So take the chance to reminisce (maybe with a bottle of wine or two) and get nostalgic. It doesn’t matter if you’re laughing about terrible high-school era haircuts or boyfriends, take the chance to remember what you appreciate about your friends and how you’ve all grown together.

Invite us to the party

Take inspiration from our tips and make the OG Galentine, Leslie Knope, proud with your Galentine’s Day festivities. Let us know in the comments how you celebrate or what tips of your own you can share!

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