Tegwen is a full-time freelance writer and part-time podcast superfan. She works on projects in everything from tech to sexual politics – but secretly dreams of the day she’s asked to write a book about all of her Harry Potter conspiracy theories.

vaginal odor o-diaries

Vaginal Odor and What It Means For You

While vaginas that smell of roses and sunshine are unrealistic and only seen in silly marketing campaigns for body perfumes or douches, there are some instances where the odor of your vagina can mean important things for your general health. Find out what your body is trying to tell you!

bondage fuer Anfaenger

The Ultimate Guide to Bondage for Beginners

With increasing popularity in books and movies like 50 Shades of Grey, BDSM and bondage are no longer the mysterious or stigmatized concepts they once were. For those who are curious about testing the waters, here are our 5 tips on bondage for beginners.

taoist sex

Taoist Sex: What’s it all about?

Taoist sex is becoming more and more popular, but what does it really mean in practice? Let’s look at how the spiritual values of balance and harmony relate to sex and being intimate with your partner.

sex talk o-diaries

Sex in a relationship – How often is normal?

Every relationship goes through different phases. Newly enamored couples often can’t keep their hands off each other, while after a few years some couples encounter longer periods without sex. Here we ask the question: what’s normal for sex in a relationship?