You. A Lifelong Romance: Womanizer celebrates Me-Month


The whole world celebrates the 14th of February as the day for love – Valentine’s Day. But we think it is important to remember that any kind of love starts with self-love. That’s why we celebrate self-love on the day before, February 13th. That’s not all – with the slogan “You. A Lifelong Romance,” we are claiming February as Me-Month, with O Diaries taking the whole month to put the focus back on self-love.

As a concept, Valentine’s Day is pretty outdated. Singles are often excluded, as if you were only worth celebrating when you are in a relationship. On top of that, Valentine’s Day perpetuates those stale, heteronormative gender roles. Same-sex partnerships or any kind of alternative relationship are left out of the equation. There’s no question – it’s wonderful to be in love. But that doesn’t just apply to relationships between men and women. Every kind of love is wonderful. Especially, and above all, self-love.

That’s why we at O Diaries are much bigger fans of the International Day of Self-Love. As an alternative to Valentine’s Day, February 13th celebrates self-love and a healthy relationship with yourself. This movement became especially famous with the efforts of Christine Arylo, “self-love Queen” and author. Arylo tells the Huffington Post, “the International Day of Self-Love serves to strengthen a person’s feeling of being loved, so that by February 14th they don’t need anyone else to give them love.”

“You. A Lifelong Romance”: Celebrate Me-Month with Us

We take it even one step further. Not only do we celebrate the International Day of Self-Love, we claim the whole month in the name of self-love: Me-Month. Starting February 1st, 2019 at O Diaries, you will find all sorts of articles and columns around the topic of self-love and Valentine’s Day. First up, our author Tina comes to the revelation that Valentine’s Day is just completely overhyped. In another, the enchanting Edith has put together some ideas on feeling good (with or without a partner) on Valentine’s Day – or any other day for that matter. For even more inspiration, Konstanze asked 10 very different people about how they will spend February 14th. As for our O Talk, we talk to Alexandra Lia, who uses meditation and mindfulness techniques, as well as life coaching, to create content that invites people to listen more closely to their inner voice.

In short: with our campaign “You. A Lifelong Romance,” we invite you to fall in love – with yourself. We want to make sure everybody understands: every kind of love begins with loving yourself first…


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