Women and sexuality at any age – Tips for women over 50


Love isn’t restricted to a certain age, that goes without saying. But what about sexuality later in life? Berlin-based researchers from the scientific journal “Psychology and Aging” have published their findings. The results? Sexuality is of course different in old age, but pleasure and intimacy continue to be a natural part of life, especially for women and even after menopause. How can women continue to have fun in bed? We reveal more…

#1: Rethink sexuality in older women 

Passionately falling all over each other? Let’s be real, even young couples don’t do that – especially after a few months together. This is really just a bad cliché from movies. Rethink your perceptions of sex and don’t simplify the term to just sexual intercourse. Sexuality is also about physical contact and an intimate exchange. This will also reduce the pressure to “finish.” Instead, embrace the fact that sexuality can change as women age – and that’s perfectly natural.  

#2: Take your time with foreplay 

Women’s hormone levels can sometimes change during menopause. This might also reduce any desire for sex. Even so, women can still be aroused, which is why foreplay remains so vital. This goes for men too. Due to an increase in testosterone in later life, men can sometimes have trouble getting an erection. This is where extensive foreplay also helps. 

#3: Embrace the power of lube  

 A common symptom during or after menopause is vaginal dryness. This can sometimes cause a burning pain from penetration, which dramatically reduces the sense of pleasure too. However, this is easily solved – that’s what lubricating gels are for! Everything goes a lot more smoothly and sex is a lot more enjoyable. The lubricant increases both intensity and pleasure – for both men and women. 

Our tip is to use water-based lubes as this is especially gentle on vaginal flora and can be used with toys too. 

#4: Take advantage of handy helpers 

This brings us to the next tip: to be a sexually fulfilled woman at any age, you don’t necessarily require a partner. If you want to get to know your own body and rediscover your sense of lust, vibrators and clitoral stimulators can be really helpful. This is also beneficial if you do happen to have a partner, as once you know your own hotspots, you can easily point them out to your special someone.  We-Vibe Tango

With help from the compact Tango from We-Vibe, you can enjoy discovering where all your sensitive spots are.

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Womanizer PremiumHave you had trouble experiencing an orgasm during or after menopause? Try the Womanizer Premium. This curved toy has already helped millions of women in discovering a new level of pleasure within minutes. 

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Womanizer DUOIf you’re looking for both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, then the Womanizer DUO is perfect for you. Deep, powerful vibrations are focused on the G-spot, while gentle air suction stimulates the clitoris. 

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We-Vibe BloomThe pelvic floor can also be important to sex – for good reason! If the muscles here are firm and regularly exercised, sexual organs benefit from a stronger blood flow. The result? Orgasms can be felt even more intensely. To train the pelvic floor, We-Vibe’s Bloom love balls are perfect – and they can also be used for foreplay too!  

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#5: Get comfortable 

No, nobody needs to try out every position in the Karma Sutra to experience fulfilling sex in their later years. The truth is, the joints may be a little less flexible and the muscles a little less loose. Don’t worry, there are still comfortable and enjoyable positions like classic spooning or even scissoring (a modification of the standard missionary position). Even a small pillow under the hip can be a game changer and make sex more comfortable for you both. Who says sex always needs to be exhausting?  

Author: Frieda Hintze


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