Wet romance: how to have sex in the bath tub


Bubble bath sex is a common fantasy – whether together or alone. No doubt, bath tub sex can be super erotic, but other times, it can turn into a bit of wet, slippery mess. We’ve got you covered with the top tips and sex toy recommendations to ensure your bubble bath sexy time is bliss.

Sex in the bath tub looks great in the movies. But in reality, it doesn’t always live up to expectations. Whether you live in a city apartment or a home in the countryside, most bath tubs are hardly big enough to fit a single adult. Fitting two adults can therefore seem like a bit of a challenge, which makes bath tub sex one of the more complicated fantasies to turn into reality. But we’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can pull it off…

#1: Sex in the bath tub? Use the whole tub

If you’re trying to pleasure your partner orally, make sure he or she is sitting on the edge of the tub with legs fully spread whilst you’re kneeling in the water. Oh, and don’t forget to take turns!

#2: The best sex positions in the bath tub

Splish, splash – and your entire bathroom is a wet mess. Sounds like you haven’t found the optimal sex position for your wet romance just yet.

Try the reverse cowgirl position. This allows her to take full control whilst he leans against the bath tub wall or lies in the warm water. Another suitable position is the lotus which allows the partner to take a cross-legged seat whilst she gets comfortable in his lap.

#3: Watch the water level

Admittedly, it sounds pretty unromantic, but if the water level in your bath tub gets too high and you’re engaged in some hot action, you can quickly end up with a flooded bathroom. Keep the water level low.

#4: Contraception during bath tub sex

Sadly, condoms won’t provide suitable protection when engaging in bath tub sex. Water can easily enter the condom and it can slip off. Bath oils and salts can also damage the latex, leaving the material porous. It pays to take special precaution during bubble bath sex. The copper coil and the pill are safe contraceptive alternatives.

Tip: Shower sex is a little less problematic if you want to use a condom – as long as you don’t soap each other up. Whilst standing, he has a better view of the condom and can even hold onto it at the penis shaft.

#5: Use lubrication

Here’s the thing: having sex in water doesn’t really make your vagina moister. On the contrary, the natural vaginal lubricant gets washed off by the water. As such, the area can quickly feel dry, potentially making sex less comfortable. Try a water-based lubricant to avoid an unpleasant experience.

#6: Spice up your water games with toys

In the mood for those extra tingly moments? Whether alone or with a partner, why not try a 100% water-resistant little helper next time you’re taking a bubble bath. Here are the best sex toys for a wet romance:


Elegant design, 12 intensity levels and an autopilot to drive you wild – the Premium pleasures your clitoris with the innovative Pleasure Air Technology. The soft air vibrations massage your clitoris without leading to overstimulation for that gigantic orgasm!


Arouse each other with the We-Vibe Sync. The Sync stimulates her g-spot and clitoris at the same time. But that’s not all: the penis is simultaneously stimulated for that extra special shared momentum.


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