The Womanizer Liberty: Ready for takeoff?


We’ve got some exciting news! The Womanizer family has grown with the arrival of the new Liberty. The pocket-sized all-rounder is the perfect travel companion for self-confident women looking for new experiences. No matter where you are – London, Tokyo, Oman – the Womanizer Liberty is guaranteed to satisfy you. How? Let us explain.

Small, lightweight and equipped with a hygienic cap: that’s the Womanizer Liberty. It fits into every cosmopolitan woman’s handbag, making it the perfect companion for a long trip away or just a long day on the go. And thanks to the secure magnetic cap, you won’t have to worry about the Liberty accidentally opening amidst your lipstick, tampons, cell phone and notebook.

The Womanizer Liberty: a discrete companion

What’s more, the new addition to the Womanizer family has an elegant and understated design. In fact, the Liberty is not immediately identifiable as a sex toy. So when you’re walking through airport security and having your hand luggage scanned, you’re not going to get any strange looks from the staff.

Pocket-sized Pleasure

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Put the Liberty in your pocket (or your handbag!) and embark on a sensuous adventure. No matter what time of day or night, just take out your Womanizer Liberty and get ready for takeoff. Naturally, the dependable little companion is powered with the innovative Pleasure Air ™ Technology and the choice of six perfectly balanced levels of intensity. The soft and silent airflow will stimulate and massage the clitoris and allow you to climax in no time.

Surprisingly powerful for its size, the Liberty turns a routine business trip into an unexpected pleasure trip. Do you need to relieve some stress ahead of an important meeting? No problem, your new companion can help. Wherever you are in the world, the Liberty guarantees sensual pleasure and the natural glowing face that comes with an orgasm. And because the Womanizer Liberty is 100% waterproof, you can continue to have fun even in the heat and steam of the shower, tub or pool.

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Find your favorite color

The design of the Liberty has evolved to be both discrete and elegant. The small travel companion is available in four timeless colors. Now all you have to do is decide which one you prefer. Metallic pink rose or red wine? Or perhaps the pastel tones of powder blue or lilac?

Need some additional hard facts? No problem! The Womanizer Liberty comes with a USB charging port with magnetic pin. Fully charged, the Liberty provides up to 120 minutes of pleasure. Cleaning is reassuringly easy: simply use warm water or antibacterial soap. And by the way: your new companion is made exclusively from body-friendly materials.

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Photo: © Womanizer / PR


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