The first orgasm: 10 confessions of real people


For many, their very first orgasm is an exciting first step toward exploring their sexuality. Others hardly remember it. Experiences range from embarrassing to romantic highlight. We’ve asked 10 people about the first time they orgasmed. Here are their confessions.

#1 Joan (32) from Potsdam: A mid-summer night’s dream

I would like to thank my first boyfriend for a beautiful memory. He was a solid first boyfriend – the kind who mothers’ in law adore. He had already taken my virginity, but that didn’t really lead to an orgasm. He really planned the evening. It happened on a midsummer night’s ball for the teenagers in our village. The event was the highlight of summer. We were in love, stumbling home after the ball woozy and love-drunk. That’s when he made me orgasm for the first time.

#2 Lydia (28) from Bremen: Rockets, fireworks and angel voices

I had my first orgasm at the late age of 24 years. By that time, I had already had sex with multiple men, but it never really worked out for me. However, I should admit that for a long time I didn’t really engage with my sexuality. It wasn’t until I met my first big love that my relationship to sex and that to my body changed. We openly spoken about it and tried a couple of things until I finally reached the finale. You know those movie scenes were people climax and fireworks go off? That’s how it felt for me.

#3 Andreas (38) from Leipzig: Thank you Pay-TV

I came for the first time thanks to Beate Uhse TV. I was zapping through the TV channels and finally landed somewhere beyond channel 100. The ‘slightly different’ content quickly resulted in me experiencing unknown feelings inside my pants. I was lying in bed on my stomach and moved back and forth until I finally came. Truth be told, I didn’t even have to touch myself.

#4 Miliena (30) from Rotterdam: Too many orgasms

One of my talents is to orgasm. It’s usually quick when I masturbate, but I also come during sex – almost at the push of a button. I guess I’m lucky. Due to the frequency of my orgasms, I cannot actually remember my very first orgasm – what a pity!

#5 Jeanette (39) from Nuremberg: Early practice makes perfect

I can only vaguely remember my first orgasm, because I was rather young – a child really or just at the cusp of puberty. One day, I was just playing with myself, without any sexual intention – just out of curiosity. When I was rubbing against my vagina I got this crazy feeling. It was only later that I found out that that had been an orgasm. I was totally embarrassed, because I didn’t know what it was. Even though it was just my natural sexual drive kicking in early.

#6 Linda (24) from Berlin: My silicon friend

I owe my first climax to a little helper in distress – the good old vibrator. I was a teenager when my older sister told me about the sex toy. I immediately ordered one of the little wands online and made myself happy.

#7 Anika (29) from Dresden: The first one is important

I don’t remember my first orgasm. I was probably a teenager and did it myself. My best orgasm is a much more interesting story. I got that from a summer romance – orally. I hardly ever come when someone licks me, but this guy had the ultimate oral skills. The orgasm built up slowly and then rolled across me like a wave and knocked me over. It was an insane feeling that ran across my entire body and even my hands felt numb at that moment.

#8 Tom (33) from Mannheim: Playing doctor as a child

I had my first orgasmic experiences at Kindergarten age. It was during a play date with a fried. We were playing doctor and pretended to examine ourselves out of childish curiosity. That’s when I ejaculated. I was embarrassed because we didn’t know what it was. I recently talked to that very same childhood friend about just that moment – we laughed hard.

#9 Adriene (18) from Frankfurt: My boyfriend stimulated me

I only recently had my first orgasm. My boyfriend stimulated my clitoris until I finally came. If I had known how great climaxing is, I would have taken matters into my own hands much sooner. That’s definitely the order of the day now.

#10 Jonas (31) from Tübingen: The right orgasm

The first orgasm that was truly important for me was the one with my wife. I’ve never been one for one-night stands and only had a single girlfriend before I met her. Of course, I climaxed many times before, but when I slept with my now-wife for the first time, I knew I wanted to marry her.

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Author: Konstanze Teschner

Photo by Serge Kutuzov on Unsplash


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