The bush is back! Three women tell us why they let their pubic hair grow


Although it is absolutely natural to have hair in the genital area, women’s pubic hair is still a taboo that seems to remain unbroken. It is shaved, waxed and plucked! But slowly the perception of female body hair is changing. That’s shown by these three women, who let their pubic hair grow. Here they tell us why.

It is nonsense that advertising and society have tricked us as women into thinking we should be perfectly smooth. Why? Pubic hair comes from nature. Hair acts as a protective barrier between the skin and bacteria and other nasty infections. At the same time, fragrances and pheromones can settle more in hair, which in turn creates more attraction for our sexual partners. These alone are already good reasons for female body hair in the pubic area. These women will tell us three more:

Sinja, 22 years old

When I saw my mother naked as a child, there was no hair on her body to be found. In this respect, it was shown to me at a young age that hair on a woman’s body is not desirable. So it was even more confusing when my pubic hair began to grow during puberty

Nevertheless, three years ago I decided not to use a razor anymore. In the meantime, I now love my leg hair and the hair in my private parts. I think it highlights my natural feminine beauty even more.

Katrin, 38 years old

I haven’t done any pubic hair removal for over 10 years. And yes, it took me a while to embrace this, it is even a type of self-discipline. It’s similar to when you have a bad habit–or go cold turkey on junk food like fries.

Since I’ve no longer shaved, my self-love has only grown greater. Additionally, I feel particularly strong, when I show my body hair without fear–even when someone reacts negatively. Why? Whether someone finds me sexy or not doesn’t define me as a person. I have internalized this belief and body hair helped me do it.

Antonia, 29 years old

During puberty I had so little hair growth that I did absolutely nothing with my pubic hair for a long time. Then, in my early 20s, I shaved my bikini line for the first time. When I looked at myself, I felt like a kid. The idea of presenting myself in a sexual situation, in which I am infantilized, disgusts me. I have never shaved (nor used any other hair removal) again. It is only with pubic hair that I feel feminine. If my sexual partner expected me to shave, I would end the relationship in the blink of an eye. But that has not yet happened. Every adult man is fine with pubic hair on women–otherwise he is simply not an adult.

Yes or no to pubic hair? It’s your decision!

Of course, it is up to each and every single one of us to decide whether we shave or wax pubic hair–or not at all. But maybe the experiences of these three women will help a little in letting your stubble stand proud. After all, a little hair never hurt anybody!

Author: Frieda Hintze


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