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Short film Bloody Hell: A must-see about your first period

With her short film Bloody Hell, director Katharina Hingst has created a touching declaration to every woman’s first period. The film depicts a sparkling dream world in which we follow a young woman as she discovers the emotional ups and downs of her first menstrual cycle. O Diaries took a closer look, and our verdict is in: Bloody Hell is a must-see – and not just for teenage girls!

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Taboo subject menstruation – let’s talk about bleeding

Once a month I bleed. I also get cramps, stomach pains and find myself on an emotional rollercoaster. Luckily, I’m not alone. Millions of women menstruate every month. In fact, in all spheres of life there are women who bleed. And yet menstruation remains a taboo subject. That has to change. Thankfully, social media campaigns and advocates have taken the first step toward promoting liberal conversations about the monthly menstrual cycle.

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