Sex toys during pregnancy: All you need to know


It’s a well-known fact: if you’re pregnant, you don’t have to give up sex! The unborn baby is well protected in the amniotic sac, and sexual penetration cannot jeopardize its health. But what about using sex toys? Is there anything important to consider? We find out.

In pregnancy you will have many questions. Your gynecologist will be able to answer most of them, but what about the questions you don’t dare to ask? For example: is it okay to use sex toys during pregnancy? After all, many pregnant women report an increased sense of pleasure and stronger orgasms. It would be a shame, then, if sex toys were taboo. In addition, a satisfying sex life and a healthy body image require a generous dose of masturbation. What’s more, self-love begins with masturbation. And it is precisely this increased self-love in relation to a changing body during pregnancy that many women need.

Sex toys during pregnancy? Feel free!

We’ve got some good news: masturbation using sex toys during pregnancy is completely harmless. It doesn’t matter whether a penis or a supple sex toy is being introduced into the vagina – the baby is safe inside the amniotic sac and perfectly secure from the mother’s sexual activity. Neither a penis nor a vibrator can touch or harm the unborn baby. It is important however to use conventional sex toys and avoid those that can stimulate erotic pain.

Happy mama, healthy baby

Not even any physical shaking during an orgasm can harm the baby. On the contrary, hormones released during sexual stimulation and orgasm can reduce stress and in turn can have a positive effect on the health of the unborn baby. Children of stressed mothers are more prone to problems such as ADHD later on in life. Additionally, stress during pregnancy can severely affect the baby’s immune system. But if the expecting mother can relax with a pleasurable session – with or without her partner – using a sex toy or not – the baby’s health can benefit too.

Another nice effect of masturbation with or without sex toys during pregnancy is the rhythmic contraction at climax which stimulates and trains the pelvic floor. It’s an excellent preparation for birth. Additionally, it can help prevent the incontinence which some women can experience toward the end of their pregnancy. By the way, during the final phase of pregnancy, the abdominal volume increases to the extent that certain sexual positions are difficult to perform. At this point, oral sex, masturbation by hand or use of a sex toy can be great alternatives. Another thing to consider during this time is that seminal fluid contains prostaglandins which promote circulation and contractile action. In this respect, masturbation may be a particularly sensible alternative to sex during the last stages of pregnancy.

Author: Friederike Hintze

Photo by Andrea Bertozzini on Unsplash


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  • Annetta Bechtel

    14th June 2019


    I regularly order from your shop,
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    but there items are 42% cheaper, well my question is what is the difference between your webshop and theirs,
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    • Frieda Hintze

      17th June 2019

      Hi Anetta,
      Thank you for your question. Basically we recommend you to buy Womanizer products exclusively in authorized Shops – or our Webshop – Womanizer products. Only this way you can be sure not to buy fake products but only the original product. Furthermore you have no right of return at many unauthorized shops.

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