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Samantha from Sex and the City was a self-confessed fan of vibrators and other sex toys, and she embodied an almost pioneering attitude when it came to masturbation. Her character was an early sign, arguably, of a larger cultural shift toward the acceptance and normalization of masturbation. And yet decades later many women still have no experience of sex toys. Many are curious, of course, and would like to try. But the world of sex toys and vibrators is dizzyingly diverse and colorful, and it can be hard to know where even to begin. That’s why our sex toy guide is here to help. We have pared down the competition and left only the toys you need to know about. So read on to find out which sex toy is the right one for you.

Dildo: for the advanced

Vibrators and dildos are often used in the same sentence, but there’s a crucial difference between the two. Although both resemble the male genital organ, only one moves of its own accord, and you guessed it, it’s not the dildo. In other words, dildos require more input from the user than a vibrator, but with this comes increased control. If it’s your first time using a dildo, it’s recommended to use a lubricant for easier and pain-free insertion. Dildos are now available in a wide variety of materials, from silicon and glass to stainless steel, and each has its own special characteristics. Bear in mind though, if you’re already having trouble achieving a climax vaginally, the dildo may not be the right toy for you. It’s a toy for the more advanced masturbators.

Vibrators: the classic

Vibrators are the classic sex toy. They come in a conventional phallus shape and often include an array of vibrational settings and programs. The higher the price the less noise they make and the more stimulation they provide. But don’t assume that just because they vibrate on their own you don’t need to do anything. Like dildos, vibrators still require user input to get the best results.

Clitoral stimulator: a guaranteed orgasm

It’s no secret that most women climax predominantly through stimulation of the clitoris. Indeed, multiple studies have confirmed this. For those just starting out, clitoral stimulators are often preferable as they tend to result in a great climax in less time. Once again, quality is key. The Womanizer products incorporate the revolutionary Pleasure Air™ Technology, which puts the clitoris at the center of female pleasure. Whether “Classic”, “Premium” or “Starlet” – the Womanizer fully encloses the clitoris and softly sucks and massages it via gentle air vibrations. In addition, the intensity levels are perfectly balanced.


For beginners, the small clitoral stimulator “Starlet” may be particularly suitable. It’s simple to operate and the four intensity levels are more than enough for newbies to reach a great climax.

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The more advanced user may enjoy the “Premium”: It has over 12 intensity settings and includes an auto pilot. What’s more, as soon as the autopilot function is activated, stimulation and intensity settings are selected randomly. It feels like having a new lover every time.

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Finally, if you prefer both clitoral and vaginal stimulation, the DUO is the perfect choice. It is designed to simultaneously massage the clitoris and for the vibrator to reach the g-spot more easily.

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  • Zoey Riley

    17th August 2019

    Nice sex toys guide and I love most on the DUO.

    • Frieda Hintze

      20th September 2019

      Wooho! Thanks Zoey for your mail. We love the DUO too – but did you try already all of our toys? 🙂 <3

  • scottlouise

    24th September 2019

    Nice article related on Sex toys. I find some useful tips and basically I prefer Pleasureplayz to get some good sex toys whenever i need. Keep blogging for more update.

    • Frieda Hintze

      26th September 2019

      Thanks! 🙂

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