Sex podcasts: an easy strategy for clickbait or helpful guides?


A glance at podcast charts quickly shows that sex podcasts are very trendy. This raises the question of whether these graphic discussions are actually contributing to a better sex life for listeners, or if they are just simply clickbait.

Sex podcasts: open and honest entertainment

The most popular podcasts get straight down to business. Hosts don’t mince words when it comes to their experiences with love, sex and intimacy. Of course, this open attitude means there is great potential for entertainment. There aren’t many episodes without giggles or loaded silences, in which listeners can almost hear the presenters blushing. The sex podcast format relies on ruthless honesty and even sometimes unpleasant confessions, which, when combined, contribute substantially to their popularity.

Variety at its best

Although there are now a wide array of sex podcasts, they differ in a lot of ways. The only common thread is that the format is usually two people sharing their experiences in a conversation. This creates a relaxed atmosphere and helps the audience feel like they are a part of the discussion. One-night stands, masturbation and anal, as well as favorite positions, oral sex and Tinder – the spectrum of topics is broad. It is also worth noting that most hosts are women, although it is certainly not a new insight that women deal more intensively with their own sexuality and are probably more open to discussion. One of the most famous sex podcasts presented by men is called “Best Friends” and is more about entertaining discussions than offering helpful advice.

Sex Podcasts: Taking personal development seriously

Now the question arises, whether or not good advice hides behind embarrassing confessions and funny anecdotes. Luckily, you don’t have to search too long for good content, as many of the podcasts are extremely well-produced. The hosts don’t just aim to entertain, but open up about their experiences to reassure listeners that everything is normal and sexuality is always wonderfully individual. This especially comes across in the open discussions around so-called taboo topics, which argue against prejudicial or conservative views. The fundamental importance of communication is the basic idea behind all of these podcasts, especially that while insecurity is often present, shame shouldn’t be.

Here are our recommendations from the big, wide world of sex podcasts

The variety of sex podcasts available is huge, so we have three recommendations for you that are both helpful and entertaining:

Modern Love from The New York Times

As an extension of the popular New York Times pieces, this podcast veers from the traditional conversational format and instead features personal stories and essays. To bring these stories to life, the podcast enlists guests narrators, including Kate Winslet, Jake Gyllenhaal and Natasha Lyonne. These familiar voices guide you through sometimes funny, sometimes devastating tales of love, sex and relationships.

The Heart from Radiotopia

Hosted by Kaitlin Prest, this series delves into how sex and sexual identity connect all of us. Diving through a range of topics, the standard format is friends of the host chatting about significant experiences in their lives. What is vaginismus? How do you break the ice during a conjugal visit? What is the “new normal” when it comes to sex? This series covers these topics and offers layered, thoughtful discussions.

The Savage Lovecast from Stitcher

This is not only one of the biggest names in sex-themed podcasts, but podcasts in general. Hosted by Dan Savage, this show has been taking a direct approach to questions on sex and love since 2006. As a male host, Savage’s open, sensitive and feminist approach to topics around intimacy and relationships is refreshing in a global culture rife with toxic masculinity. The listener call-ins are also great, as they provide an authentic sense of relatability and normalizes once taboo questions.

All of the podcasts listed are available on iTunes, Spotify and online. Check them out!

Author: Tegwenn Harris / Konstanze Teschner

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash


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