Problems between the sheets? In this O Talk, therapist Nicole Engel talks about sexual dysfunction

“Sexual issues are mostly psychological in nature for both men and women. Common problems include difficulties with sexual arousal, desire fatigue and dyspareunia – or pain during sex. Men talk more often about premature ejaculation. Women talk more often about vaginismus, also known as vaginal cramps,” the certified psychologist and sexual therapist Nicole Engel explains.

Nicole Engel: almost every problem can be treated

The term “sexual dysfunction” carries a heavy and often negative association. But that need not necessarily be the case. Many of us will experience the challenges of sexual problems in our lifetimes, but these problems are often treatable through therapy. The real problem is that it’s not mentioned enough.

Well, thank god there’s Nicole Engel. In our O Talk the Berlin-based psychologist explains exactly what “sexual dysfunctions” are and why we should speak more openly about them. She also shares tips on how those affected can find help. Press play!


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