Positive Affirmations: Talk to yourself – but only positively


Our subconscious can often seem like a locked drawer, or like a cryptic puzzle or even an impossible labyrinth – even so, you can positively influence it with affirmations. Here we show you how to shift your mindset to the positive.

Positive affirmations in theory

The term ‘affirmation’ essentially refers to beliefs or repetitive thoughts. These thoughts can be internal and just for yourself or clearly said out loud. Unfortunately, these thoughts and patterns often have a negative tone, with their origins found in bad past experiences or even your education. Positive affirmations can be really helpful in freeing our mind from this negativity or our inhibitions and fears.

Putting this into practice

A positive affirmation could be “I am worthy and I am important.” At first glance, these phrases might seem simple but through repetition their value becomes clear. This affirmation builds confidence, as well as encourages self-acceptance and self-love. In order to truly internalize positive affirmations, you need to really identify with it. Going overboard with exaggerated ideas that you don’t even believe yourself are less likely to have any positive, long-term effect.

Mental rebirth – shifting the negative to the positive

In order to make space for positive affirmations and self-love, it makes sense to acknowledge and eliminate negative beliefs or emotions. People can only act against unhealthy thoughts once they can actually recognize them for what they are, where they come from and why they arise. Additionally, mindfulness exercises are a helpful support for this. Meditation and the conscious control of thoughts can work to break old patterns. People that struggle to address toxic emotions should consider getting help from a coach or professional. Sometimes it just takes the neutral perspective of an outsider to unleash previously unknown capabilities.

Positive affirmations at work and at home

Not only valuable in influencing the subconscious towards love and self-esteem, positive affirmations can also be important in other areas of life. Anyone that tells themselves “I am powerful, strong and stress-resistant” several times a day is bound to find some success. The power of words is often underestimated – just as verbal abuse can really hurt someone, positive words can equally support and send someone in the right direction.

Positive affirmations are not magic spells

However, positive words alone do not render you a superhero. Of course, you can use them to lift your energy positively, but your words should be followed by action. If you still need some inspiration for creating your own positive affirmations, look around online through blogs, podcasts or YouTube – you’ll find dozens of ideas. Some people even swear by sleeping while playing positive affirmations, all in order to program their subconscious directly. Regardless of whatever form suits you best, try talking to yourself positively and you’ll be surprised by the effect.

Author: Konstanze Teschner

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash


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