O Talk Laura Gehlhaar

Sex and disability: Laura Gehlhaar speaks with O Talk about self-determination

Here at O Diaries, this April is all about inclusion. Discussing the sexuality of disabled people is still considered a big taboo. If we speak about it at all, it is merely a whisper. Our author Edith Löhle has interviewed a woman who’s not afraid to openly confront the subject online: activist, spokesperson and author Laura Gehlhaar has been using a wheelchair since she was 22 years old, but her disability doesn’t mean that she denies hersexuality.

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Ode to emotions

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been called a cry-baby. And for the longest time, I thought it was an insult. But I’ve come to appreciate my sensitive side. Now, whenever I feel like crying, I give in to the tears, the self-pity and those irrational emotions, but I no longer feel ashamed.

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Gender DiskussionAnyone following the discussion around gender quickly notices that it is a complex issue. Questions about right and wrong are difficult with such a sensitive topic. Our author thinks that the topic is far from being resolved.

Discussing Gender – It’s far from over

Anyone who follows the public debate around gender will quickly notice that it is a very complex issue that brings together many different angles: the gender wage gap, the #metoo movement and gender-inclusive language. The problem is a global one – specifically, the inequality of people on the basis of gender. It’s all the more difficult to ask questions around what is right and wrong, as it is such a sensitive topic. Our author believes that the discussion is far from resolved.

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Sextoys in der Schwangerschaft Sex toys during pregnancy

Sex toys during pregnancy: All you need to know

It’s a well-known fact: if you’re pregnant, you don’t have to give up sex! The unborn baby is well protected in the amniotic sac, and sexual penetration cannot jeopardize its health. But what about using sex toys? Is there anything important to consider? We find out.

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Dirty Talk

I love dirty talk! And I’m not embarrassed!

Why am I so in favor of dirty talk, even though it sometimes can be so embarrassing? First of all–yes, I am really great with coming up with nasty things to say. And no, I am not always hyper-sexual. And that’s not bad at all, in fact, it’s the opposite. For me, dirty talk is a lot more than sexy texting or foreplay, all to turn my partner on. Dirty talk can do so much more!

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Diversity Modelabels diversity fashion labels

Celebrating diversity in fashion – five labels you should know

Society is wonderfully diverse. That fact won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone walking the streets of Berlin or another big city. And yet, diversity and inclusion are often not discussed and represented in the fashion industry. Distorted and misguided beauty ideals continue to dominate. But there’s hope in sight. Over the last season in particular, more fashion brands than ever before have begun to focus on diversity in their lookbooks and campaigns. Here, we present five great fashion brands that celebrate diversity and inclusion.

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Glossary of Sexual Orientation Glossar der sexuellen Orientierung

A Short Glossary of Sexual Orientation

In our LGBTQI glossary, we have already explained a few different terms from the community, as there may be some uncertainty around one thing or another. In this glossary we expand upon a few different variants of sexual orientation – all in the spirit of inclusion. And no, we do not make any claims that this is the complete range. We just want to offer a helpful start.

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