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“It’s possible to learn the orgasm”: O Talk with Sexological Bodyworker Mareen Scholl

Drumm roll, please: We proudly present the O Talk. From now on we are having different sexperts as guests on our blue couch. We want to dissolve urban legends and myths. We want to talk about the female lust, about different types of sexuality. And we want to give ideas for a positive understanding of your own body. Our first interview partner is Mareen Scholl, Sexological Bodyworkerin from Berlin.

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KlitClique rap about everything that bugs them – from machos and machismo.

Viennese artists G-udit and $chwanger have turned cloud battle rap into their vehicle of feminist expression, but KlitClique’s lyrics are also filled with humor. One of their songs is called “Chérie, je suis un genie” and their first album “Schlecht im Bett, gut um Rap” (“Bad in bed, good in rap”) is out now. The title of the album is also the rappers’ reply to cheesy pickup lines.

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Sex auf Geschäftsreisen

Sex on business trips: About hooks and Capoeira in bed

I read about a curious case recently. An Australian public official sued her employer because she had injured herself whilst having sex on a business trip. The lawsuit wasn’t successful. The high court ruled that her employer neither directly nor indirectly caused the woman’s sexual behavior. The ruling also stated that sex wasn’t part of the “normal events” that take place during a business trip, such as sleeping, eating or taking a shower.

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Womanizer Liberty

The Womanizer Liberty: Ready for takeoff?

We’ve got some exciting news! The Womanizer family has grown with the arrival of the new Liberty. The pocket-sized all-rounder is the perfect travel companion for self-confident women looking for new experiences. No matter where you are – London, Tokyo, Oman – the Womanizer Liberty is guaranteed to satisfy you. How? Let us explain.

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Dating-Glossar´The little glossary of dating

The little glossary of dating

Ghosting, Benching, Love Bombing, Freckling: Do you know what each term means? Our little glossary of dating is packed with information and tells you everything you need to know about the latest dating terminology.

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Weibliche Sexualität Must-Knows female sexuality

Must-Knows: The female sexuality

For centuries, female sexuality has been a source of male irritation. And in reality, not much has changed over the last few years. We believe this has to end. Here are sex – sorry – six facts and must-knows for enlightened women and men.

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