Dirty Talk

I love dirty talk! And I’m not embarrassed!

Why am I so in favor of dirty talk, even though it sometimes can be so embarrassing? First of all–yes, I am really great with coming up with nasty things to say. And no, I am not always hyper-sexual. And that’s not bad at all, in fact, it’s the opposite. For me, dirty talk is a lot more than sexy texting or foreplay, all to turn my partner on. Dirty talk can do so much more!

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Diversity Modelabels diversity fashion labels

Celebrating diversity in fashion – five labels you should know

Society is wonderfully diverse. That fact won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone walking the streets of Berlin or another big city. And yet, diversity and inclusion are often not discussed and represented in the fashion industry. Distorted and misguided beauty ideals continue to dominate. But there’s hope in sight. Over the last season in particular, more fashion brands than ever before have begun to focus on diversity in their lookbooks and campaigns. Here, we present five great fashion brands that celebrate diversity and inclusion.

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Glossary of Sexual Orientation Glossar der sexuellen Orientierung

A Short Glossary of Sexual Orientation

In our LGBTQI glossary, we have already explained a few different terms from the community, as there may be some uncertainty around one thing or another. In this glossary we expand upon a few different variants of sexual orientation – all in the spirit of inclusion. And no, we do not make any claims that this is the complete range. We just want to offer a helpful start.

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Geschichte der Sextoys The history of sex toys

The history of sex toys: a brief lesson

Did you know that Cleopatra had her very own clitoral stimulator? To be clear, we’re talking about a papyrus bag filled with live bees… Nevertheless, sex toys have been stimulating sexual lust for centuries. Here’s a brief lesson in the fascinating history of sex toys.

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männlicher Orgasmus The male orgasm

We need to talk about the male orgasm

At a club recently, I found the toilets weren’t clearly marked with the standard “ladies” and “gents” signs. Instead, one door carried a single “blah” and the other was covered in hundreds of “blahs”. A smile, a second of thought, and then the message was clear: men talk little; women talk a lot, all the time and about everything – and especially about sex. And yet the male orgasm is a subject just as worthy of appreciation and conversation as its female counterpart.

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TSS Toxisches Schocksyndrom

TSS: Everything you need to know about toxic shock syndrome

Everybody has heard of it before – Toxic Shock Syndrome, or TSS for short. And yes, some of us even know that the illness can be caused by the wearing of tampons. Yet very few women have an exact idea of what Toxic Shock Syndrome actually is – and how you can protect yourself from it. Now we have the most important facts. Month after month, women reach for tampons. At least all of those who have not chosen an alternative like the menstrual cup. The little pamphlet that comes with the tampons is ignored by most – it’s too long and difficult to read. To be honest, most people know how to insert a tampon. However, it’s these little pamphlets that warn you, first and foremost, about Toxic Shock Syndrome.

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Womanizer DUO

The Womanizer DUO: The Best of Both Worlds

Editorial announcement: Connoisseurs of Womanizer will know that we regularly expand our product portfolio. Welcome to the Womanizer DUO – the brand-new toy created for demanding women! Read on to find out what makes the DUO so special, why it combines the best of both worlds and why its release announces a new generation of Rabbit Vibrators.

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Online Dating Erfahrungen

Goodbye Tinder – or why online dating isn’t right for me (anymore)

Online dating has lost the reputation as a last resort for desperate and lonely hearts, who were once pitied for stooping to the virtual search for a soulmate. Instead, online dating is no longer stigmatized and has become instead a great success story. Between 2003 and 2017, the number of online dating participants in Germany grew an incredible 1300%. Despite promising slogans like, “A single falls in love every 11 minutes with Parship,” our author has had a different experience of her own….

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