Kurzfilm Bloody Hell short film Bloody hell

Short film Bloody Hell: A must-see about your first period

With her short film Bloody Hell, director Katharina Hingst has created a touching declaration to every woman’s first period. The film depicts a sparkling dream world in which we follow a young woman as she discovers the emotional ups and downs of her first menstrual cycle. O Diaries took a closer look, and our verdict is in: Bloody Hell is a must-see – and not just for teenage girls!

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Male erogenous zones – secret little lust spots

Men are dick-driven – at least according to the common claim. Admittedly, reaching for his crown jewels will rarely fail to have an effect, but there are so many more male erogenous zones worth exploring. For those adventurous enough to stray from the center of lust, a whole new world of sexual pleasure awaits, knows our author.

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Sexualität der Millenials

Sex and Millennials: Is Sex Really Overrated?

Millennials have a reputation for many things: they are lazy, have no vision for the future and only think about parties and selfies – these are just a few of their unfair labels. A new study has found that 20 to 24 year-olds have less sex. What’s going on in the beds of Generation Y? Our author takes a closer look at millennials and their relationship to sex…

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Intimpflege Tipps intimate hygiene

Intimate hygiene – what you need to know

There’s no doubt about it, intimate hygiene is important. However, excessive cleaning of this body area can be harmful, despite the advertising industry wanting you to believe otherwise. What exactly constitutes healthy feminine hygiene? Here’s what you need to know.

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Anal sex for beginners: How to make a smooth start

If you’ve been wanting to try something new, then you’ve probably thought about anal sex before. It’s no surprise – women and men can experience equally intense sexual pleasure and orgasms. Why? There are a number of nerve endings that make the anus highly-erogenous. So what should you pay attention to, if you’ve decided to try anal for the first time? Here we give an overview of how it works and we have put together a few tips for beginners.

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