Graphic Novels für Frauen Graphic novels for women

Graphic novels for women about women

There are many inspiring women in life – from your everyday heroines to political fighters to historical celebrities – and all of them have one thing in common: advocating for women’s rights and emancipation. Their lives and work are a driving force and inform our societies. And naturally, such inspirational women make fascinating characters in graphic novels. We’ve collected some of the genre’s best examples of stories about wonderful women.

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Die weibliche Entschuldigung the female apology

The Female Apology: Girl, stop saying sorry!

In the office, at family events or with friends – women apologize endlessly. According to an article from the German newspaper, Süddeutschen Zeitung, approximately 75% of everyday apologies come from the mouths of women. Furthermore, women are not saying sorry for making mistakes. Actually it’s the opposite – our author, Frieda Hintze, has found that a lot of the time, “sorry” really is a covert way of saying “please like me.” But why is that? We offer an explanation.

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NSFW Daniel Saynt Interview

NSFW in New York: Interview with founder Daniel Saynt

It is the most exclusive sex club in the world. The New Yorker “New Society for Wellness”, or NSFW for short. It’s ridding the “sex club” of its unsavoury stigma and attracting beautiful, successful millennial, who enjoy themselves here and pay for the privilege. But what is special about the NSFW? This is what Daniel Saynt tells us in an interview.

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O Talk Alexandra Lia

Meditation & Self Love: Our O Talk Alexandra Lia brings us into our femininity

The Me-Month at O Diaries is almost over, but to celebrate self-love in the other months as well, here comes a universal Me-Guide that you can play again and again. Our author Edith Löhle has invited Consciousness Coach Alexandra Lia on the Blue Couch of the O Talk. With the help of meditation and simple life hacks she shows us how we come into our feminine power in everyday life – and how we stay. Yaaaaas, girls.

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Blasenentzündung durch Sex bladder infection

From sex to bladder infection: honeymoon cystitis

I love having sex. Annoyingly I tend to contract a mean bladder infection a couple of days later. It’s a common phenomenon. In fact, it’s so common that it has been given its own name: honeymoon cystitis. But what exactly are the causes of the infection? And why do women suffer from it more often than men? We present the facts, answers and tips.

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