Vulva Shaming

Vulva Shaming – for real? We need vagina confidence

Our bodies are different, and so are our genitals. That’s a fact. We could just accept the premise, maybe even be proud of the uniqueness of our most private body parts, but some women have chosen to follow a terrifying trend – vulva shaming. The vulva is actually the outermost, visible part of the vagina; and some people think it’s ugly. Unfortunately, the belief does little more to our sexual lives than foster inhibition. But what exactly is driving women to feel ashamed of their vulvas?

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sex toy changed my life

How a humble sex toy changed my life

I didn’t purchase my first vibrator until I was in my 30s. Like most women, I’d been raised to believe that sex and masturbation were dirty, and typically saw my role in the bedroom as providing pleasure to my partner. My own pleasure was typically an afterthought, and, to be honest, I was usually left frustrated. The truth was, I didn’t know my body, at all…

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female A-spot A-Punkt weiblicher A-Punkt

The Female A-spot: where is it and why does it need our attention?

Unlike its’ sister, the G-spot, the A-spot doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The A-spot often is confused with the G-spot, but they are actually two separate areas, that produce very different reactions. What is great about the A-spot is that it can actually be stimulated internally during anal sex, despite the myth that women feel little to no pleasure during anal. The A-spot allows women to receive orgasmic pleasure beyond the clitoris.

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Emanzipation emancipation

How We as Women Sometimes Stand in the Way of Our Own Emancipation

Equality between men and women is a beautiful dream, but it is one that is still far from becoming a reality. There are a number of reasons for this, most of which land at the feet of men. However, this is a very one-sided perspective on a movement that requires very complex analysis. We as women often make our own mistakes that could cost emancipation.

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How to Have Outdoor Sex For Most Adventurous Orgasms Yet

If we’re being honest with ourselves, most of us have had sex outside. Or, at the very least, most of us have given some thought to it. “Who hasn’t fantasized about making love under the stars? It can feel like coming back to nature,” says Lucy Rowett, a certified sex and relationships coach. There’s something dangerous and adventurous about getting it on where people might see you. You’re out of your bedroom, changing up the usual routine and exploring your sexuality in a way that society finds very taboo. Sex outside is thrilling! Well, it is summertime and the living is sexy. It’s the perfect time of year to get your booty outside to get some booty in places unknown.  Here is how to have sex outdoors for your most adventurous orgasms yet!

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