#whyididnereport Hashtag

Hashtag #WhyIDidntReport: a new chapter to the #MeToo movement.

The hashtag #WhyIDidntReport has gone viral and adds a new – and no less shocking – chapter to the #MeToo movement. Survivors of sexual abuse have been using the hashtag to break the silence and speak up about their experiences. The trend has been triggered by an unfolding national scandal and a tweet from none other than the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

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Two Spirit People

Two Spirit People: Rethinking gender

“Pink if it’s a girl; blue if it’s a boy” – the socialization of biological sex often starts before birth in our society. In contrast, the indigenous people of North America practiced a far more advanced interpretation of gender. Perhaps it’s time we learned from their wisdom.

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Offene Beziehung

An open relationship is not for the faint of heart

An open relationship can be an enrichment, but also a pain. It can break down sexual boundaries that exist between partners, but at the same time highlight their emotional limitations. Our author discusses how sex with strangers helped save her own relationship, but also brought her to the edge of jealous despair.

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Heike Melzer O Diaries Das Womanizer Magazin Sexuelle Revolution

Interview with Heike Melzer: The sexual revolution

Munich-based sex therapist Heike Melzer believes that we’ve never faced a sexual revolution quite like this one before. She discusses the scale and nature of the changes in her new book “Scharfstellung: Die Neue Sexuelle Revolution“ (“Sharp Focus: the New Sexual Revolution”). Speaking to O Diaries, she talks about how the Internet, dating apps and sex toys have made a lasting impact on our sexual lives – and in positive ways.

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10 tipps fuer ein date mit dir selbst

Date inspirations: 10 things to do on a date with yourself

The foundation of a harmonious and healthy relationship with someone else is a fulfilling relationship with yourself. Only those who love themselves are open to the love from others. Although this may sound like the kind of empty sentence you might find in the ‘relationships’ section at your local bookshop, it’s actually pretty logical. How are you supposed to like others, and to allow others to like you, when you don’t even like yourself? But don’t panic, because self-love can be learned. Go on a date with yourself, get to know yourself better and heal your most important relationship – the one to yourself. Here are some helpful tips.

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Victoria Van Violence

Victoria van Violence: “When your greatest crisis becomes your greatest chance.”

For many years, tattoo model Victoria van Violence suffered from depression. She spoke about her condition openly on Facebook and later founded the self-care label “The New Rose” in an effort to help other sufferers. Now, she creates ethical fashion under the slogan “Member of the self-care club”. In an exclusive for O Diaries, the influencer, entrepreneur and fresh author writes about her experiences.

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Orgasm Gap

Orgasm Gap: Finding equality in bed

Female pleasure in bed has long gone ignored. For most heterosexual women this so-called ‘orgasm gap’ is no secret. Similar to the gender pay gap, the orgasm gap documents the disparity in the rates men and women achieve orgasms while having sex. Sadly, the issue still persists, making it all the more important to finally close the orgasm gap. Here at O Diaries, we debunk the myth of the “female orgasm”, because equality starts with the climax.

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