Hashtag #WokeCharlotte

Hashtag #WokeCharlotte: a contemporary “Sex and the City”

Sex and the City is a cult TV series and for a good reason. The 1990s HBO series was influential and set trends. Never before had women on television spoken so openly about their sexuality. Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha lived an emancipated lifestyle and in many cases were an inspiration to real women.

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Anatomie der Klitoris

Anatomy of the clitoris: What you should know

The clitoris is THE organ of pleasure! The only purpose is sexual desire and satisfaction. Amazing, isn’t it? What’s surprising: Many men and women do not know a lot about the clitoris. This is going to end now! We’ll give you an overview about the anatomy of clitoris and give you some suprising facts, which are good to know.

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Tabuthema Menstruation taboo subject menstruation

Taboo subject menstruation – let’s talk about bleeding

Once a month I bleed. I also get cramps, stomach pains and find myself on an emotional rollercoaster. Luckily, I’m not alone. Millions of women menstruate every month. In fact, in all spheres of life there are women who bleed. And yet menstruation remains a taboo subject. That has to change. Thankfully, social media campaigns and advocates have taken the first step toward promoting liberal conversations about the monthly menstrual cycle.

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Nacktbilder auf Instagram Nudity on Instagram

Nudity on Instagram: my body – my decision

When men paint or take photos of women in the nude the results are generally accepted and celebrated as works of art. However, when women post nude photos of themselves on Instagram, they are often stigmatized as sex objects. As a consequence, women are immediately expected to justify such posts or else they have to suffer vile insults such as being called a ‘slut’. Enough with the double standards!

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Isabel Hendrix

Isabel Hendrix: How to love yourself!

L.A. Weekly calls her a “badass plus-size model” and Vogue describes her as an influencer, but Isabel Hendrix is more than that. She’s an inspiration for hundreds of thousands of women. Why? Because she demonstrates how to love oneself. This is the story about one inspiring woman.

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Slow Sex

Slow Sex: Worth the Hype?

“It could save a relationship” – “Sensual slowness for two” – “Megatrend” – “Every touch tingles”: The Internet is full of promising claims about a new trend called ‘Slow Sex’. But what does it actually entail? And could it really take sexual tenderness to a new level? We’ve taken a closer look.

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#metoo metoo Debatte

Sorry not Sorry: #MeToo Overkill

We have all experienced sexual harassment in some way or another. Be it suggestive comments from your boss, wolf whistles at the construction site or groping at a party. And ever since the whole Harvey Weinstein affair, the topic has been a constant focus in the media. As a result, the hash tag #MeToo movement started on social media to demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment. Something that should only be encouraged. But sometimes there is too much of a good thing. Dare I say it, even as a self-proclaimed feminist I have become irritated by the #MeToo debate. What started out as a fight to end sexual violence and support its victims has become just about that. The victim.

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