Isabel Hendrix

Isabel Hendrix: How to love yourself!

L.A. Weekly calls her a “badass plus-size model” and Vogue describes her as an influencer, but Isabel Hendrix is more than that. She’s an inspiration for hundreds of thousands of women. Why? Because she demonstrates how to love oneself. This is the story about one inspiring woman.

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Slow Sex

Slow Sex: Worth the Hype?

“It could save a relationship” – “Sensual slowness for two” – “Megatrend” – “Every touch tingles”: The Internet is full of promising claims about a new trend called ‘Slow Sex’. But what does it actually entail? And could it really take sexual tenderness to a new level? We’ve taken a closer look.

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Masturbation in a relationship? Yes, of course!

Men and women can often feel threatened when their partner masturbates. That’s a perfectly normal response. The partner’s sexual gratification is not dependent on us, and this can leave us feeling excluded. But we really don’t have to feel like this. Indeed, masturbation can in fact be a positive force when accepted into an intimate relationship.

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Endometriose Symptome Ursache Erkrankung Was ist Endometriose

Endometriosis: more than just period pain

Endometriosis is more than just menstrual cramps. Yet, many doctors still don’t recognize the gynecological condition or provide relevant educational materials. Women can suffer from intense pain during their periods, but it can be difficult to distinguish if the pain is part of the menstrual cycle or a symptom of an underlying problem. That’s why it’s important to detect endometriosis early on and learn more about it.

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sex toy guide Sextoy Ratgeber

Sex toy guide: How to find your favorite toy

Samantha from Sex and the City was a self-confessed fan of vibrators and other sex toys, and she embodied an almost pioneering attitude when it came to masturbation. Her character was an early sign, arguably, of a larger cultural shift toward the acceptance and normalization of masturbation. And yet decades later many women still have no experience of sex toys. Many are curious, of course, and would like to try. But the world of sex toys and vibrators is dizzyingly diverse and colorful, and it can be hard to know where even to begin. That’s why our sex toy guide is here to help. We have pared down the competition and left only the toys you need to know about. So read on to find out which sex toy is the right one for you.

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