Tipps fuer Gruppensex guide to good group sex

Threesome without drama: guide to good group sex

Threesomes (and sometimes even foursomes) can be found on many a man’s and woman’s bucket list. The ultimate must-dos might include anything from partying at Berlin’s famous Berghain and celebrating at the Oscars to spending a year lounging in Koh Pha-ngan and experiencing a sex orgy. But how does a drama-free threesome actually work? Our author Tina Molin has a few tips to help you.

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Mythos Vorspiel Foreplay Myths

Foreplay Myths: Get to the point, sweetheart!

Women are romantic. We love cuddling, kissing, candlelight, satin sheets – and above all else – extensive foreplay. OK. Wow. What a load of you know what. In the same way every human body is different, so are sexual preferences. Speaking for myself, I don’t get turned on at all by long rounds of foreplay. I’m a woman of action and, if you go by statistics, I am not alone in this preference. But still the relationship between women and foreplay remains a mystical topic, as if it was some high-level witchcraft. In contrast, just by taking a quick poll in the streets of New York, we found the perspectives on foreplay from both men and women to be quite different.

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Modemarken zelebrieren Body Positivity Fashion brands that celebrate body positivity

Fashion brands that celebrate body positivity

Smooth skin, flawless smile, healthy hair and a size 36 – this remains the status quo in the world of fashion. The fault lies with the labels themselves, who sell items in a maximum of size 44 and who use posters and advertisements with unrealistic images. This gnaws at self confidence and often leads to a sense of frustration. However, something is changing in the meantime – more and more brands are discovering the value in model diversity and limiting photo retouches. Here we introduce a few brands who genuinely celebrate body positivity.

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Gleitgel Ersatz lubricant alternatives

Lubrication alternatives: what to use when you’ve run dry

Lubricants can be useful in a surprising range of scenarios: from massage and masturbation to sex and the use of sex toys. Sometimes lubricant is a must, other times it just adds that little bit of extra fun. However, there are moments when you may not have a tube of lubricant to hand. Luckily, there are a number of home remedies that can be used as effective alternatives.

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pornos fuer frauen Porn for women

Porn for women: tasteful, erotic and emancipated – but does it exist?

The prolific output of the porn industry is actually pretty disappointing. The market is dominated by material that is exclusively suited to the desires of men and routinely presents (and thus normalizes) a dangerously misogynistic image of sexual relations. However, women can also enjoy being turned on by the genre. It’s all just a matter of finding the right material. The search isn’t easy, but keep looking because it does exist: tasteful pornography for women.

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