Ich will keine Kinder I don’t want children

I don’t want children – whether you like it or not

I celebrated my recent 29th birthday to the fullest, but when you reach a certain stage of adulthood, birthdays start to come with questions of the future and, inevitably, of children. I don’t want children – ever – but people in my surrounding apparently don’t want to accept my decision. Let’s put an end to this!

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myth of the hymen Mythos Jungfernhäutchen

Myth of the hymen: May we introduce the vaginal corona.

It’s absurd to think that the proof of a woman’s virginity is based on an anatomical misunderstanding: a small cuticle which does not even exist. Indeed, the value of women around the world and across many different cultures is measured by a myth. To address the issue and help bring clarity, we need to make a greater effort to understand the anatomy of our vagina. So, let’s take a closer look at the hymen.

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feuchte Vagina

Moist vagina: Here is what happens to your body when you’re aroused.

The most important thing to consider is: every body is different. Some of us can become moist in a relatively short amount of time, even with very little non-penetrative stimulation. Others, on the other hand, don’t become nearly as moist – it’s all a matter of natural design. And that’s completely okay. But one thing is for certain: a moist vagina is not the only ‘true’ sign of a woman’s arousal. Otherwise, why would lubrication exist!? Nevertheless, many women and men wonder: what actually happens to the body when it gets aroused? We’ll explain – without giggling.

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Dead Vagina Syndrom

Is the dead vagina syndrome a real thing?

There is a new rumor making the rounds online: the dead vagina syndrome. Women report of being unable to orgasm during masturbation or sex with a partner. The supposed cause of the crisis? Too much masturbation. Those affected speak of a ‘dead’ vagina. We wanted to find out if the dead vagina syndrome is just another rumor or a diagnosis to be taken seriously.

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stolz auf sich sein Being proud of yourself

Being proud of yourself: Celebrate yourself!

Do you remember the last time you really felt proud of yourself? Admittedly, it’s been a while since I felt that way and I often have to force myself to pat my own back. Most of the time, I respond to my achievements by lowering their value: I tell myself that what I accomplished was “just luck” or “wasn’t as great of an achievement anyway”. And in the space of a few such thoughts, I’ve forbidden myself three minutes of ‘fame’ and more importantly the feeling that I really accomplished something. I know I’m not alone in reacting like this. We should be proud of ourselves more often.

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The CAT position: An orgasm guaranteed?

In classic click-baiting style, german online platform Wunderweib labels it as a “sex position with orgasm guarantee”. Another guide keeps things a little simpler and writes of an “intensive missionary position”. No matter how the CAT position is described, it’s being talked about everywhere. But what’s so special about it and what does the abbreviation CAT actually stand for? We clarify, without sensationalism. We promise!

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tipps für mehr selbstliebe tips for more self-love

Be good to yourself: five tips for more self-love

Whether in our private or professional lives, most of us ensure that we treat our fellow human beings fairly, openly and with compassion. But one important thing often gets neglected: being truly good to oneself. Ask yourself, and be honest: do you love yourself? It’s time to be kinder to yourself. That’s why we’ve selected five smart tips to foster more self-love.

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