Beziehungsstress an Weihnachten

Relationship holiday stress: Tips from an expert

It should be the perfect time of year, and yet it sometimes ends in frustration, stress and strife. The holiday season is a risky thing for relationships and domestic harmony. More often than not, anger seethes beneath the tree. But why is that the case? Our expert Dr. Becky Spelman has the answers.

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Husband Stitch

The Husband Stitch: A shocking reality

It sounds like a horror story from the Middle Ages, but in fact it’s a shocking reality of modern society. The myth surrounding the “husband stitch” (or “daddy stitch”) is not a myth at all. Time and again women have reported the practice of this incapacitating medical procedure following childbirth. We explain what the “husband stitch” is and why it must be stopped once and for all!

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Leben mit Endometriose Interview Living with endometriosis

Living with endometriosis: One woman talks about her experience.

I first heard about endometriosis from my friend Katharina Braun. When she told me about her illness, I could hardly imagine this radiant, positive person having to lead a daily battle with her body and at times suffer unbearable pain. I am all the more grateful that she patiently answered all of my questions about her condition, offering me an intimate insight into a life with endometriosis.

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Winnie M Li Nein Dark Chapter

Book club: Winnie M Li processes her rape in Dark Chapter

First of all, this book is not a light read. In her award-winning (quite rightly) debut novel Dark Chapter, Taiwanese-American author Winnie M Li processes her experience of rape and retells the story from the perspective of both the victim and the perpetrator. On O Diaries, we’ll tell you why we think the book is worth reading.

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Why we should give female body hair a chance

I’m more the dark type of hair. Which means, female body hair is an issue for me since puberty. “Are these hairs in your face”, asked me another girl during sports class when I was only 13 years old. It was hard. And I wanted to get rid of my female body hair asap.

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KlitClique rap about everything that bugs them – from machos and machismo.

Viennese artists G-udit and $chwanger have turned cloud battle rap into their vehicle of feminist expression, but KlitClique’s lyrics are also filled with humor. One of their songs is called “Chérie, je suis un genie” and their first album “Schlecht im Bett, gut um Rap” (“Bad in bed, good in rap”) is out now. The title of the album is also the rappers’ reply to cheesy pickup lines.

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