Nuru massage: What is it and how does it work?


Have you ever heard of Nuru massage? Well, now you have. The term refers to the Japanese style of “body-on-body” massage. Here we will explain more on why it’s worth trying out Nuru massage as a couple, and what makes it so special.

Whether you’re into Tantra or Lingam – erotic massage is a strong addition to your standard foreplay. The same goes for Nuru massage, which has its origins in Japan. First, let’s take a look at the theory behind it. In this unique massage, the whole body is involved. Once upon a time the massage would be performed by specially-trained geishas, who provided the Japanese elite with the perfect relaxation after a hard day at work. The name “Nuru” translates to “very smooth” or even “slippery.” This is apt because this full-body massage uses a lot of Japanese algae gel (also known as Nuru gel). The goal is for you and your partner to be able to slide your bodies all over each other.

Nuru Massage: How to Prepare

And how does this all work in action? Most importantly, you need to order the Nuru gel online. Conventional lubricants tend to get sticky after a certain amount of time. Made from marine algae, Nuru gel remains slippery. Additionally, it is easily washed away and is colorless, odorless and tasteless. In other words, safe and versatile.

However, the gel can make the sheets quite wet, so it is important to prepare properly for the Nuru massage. Rather than worry about your expensive bedding, make your bed with older sheets in advance. Another option is to use a rubberized mattress protector or you could go one step further and use a rubber sheet. Of course, the latter could squeak and be a little annoying. On the other hand, you can slide around easily on the material. Either way, a good time is guaranteed.

The gel also makes you want to cuddle up to one another, as the gel cools down your skin and nothing kills the mood as much as being freezing cold. Alternatively, you can heat the Nuru gel in advance in a water bath so that it warms to body temperature. This is totally safe and can feel really nice on your skin!

The Movements

Above all, the Nuru massage is about connecting with each other’s bodies on an intense level. With this in mind, do whatever makes you happy. Spread the gel on your bare skin first, which will straight away create some heat between you. Now one person lies on their back while the other person slowly slides from below and travels up over the entire body. This technique is called the “body slide.” Erogenous zones like the breasts and butt are particularly ideal for massaging.

Hint: It is especially good if one of you can hold on to a bedpost or bedhead to stay in one place.

So, for those of you who are trying a Nuru massage for the first time together: lighten up the mood with humor. You might feel like oily sardines in a can, but it is inevitable that the fun and special tingles are on their way with a Nuru massage.

Photo by Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash


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