More Talking. Less Taboos. Womanizer Panel Talk in London


Since its creation, Womanizer has dedicated itself to empowering women and celebrating their pleasure, their happiness and their wellbeing. That’s why we invited to a Panel Talk in London with the title “More Talking. Less Taboos”. Press play!

It is our aim to liberate women’s sexual wellbeing. Partnering with Waris Dirie’s foundation The Desert Flower Foundation – is part of this movement to challenge taboos and advocate healthy sex lives.

Therefore we organized the event “More Talking. Less Taboos.” in March 2019. Less Taboos.” in London – with exciting guests: Kate Moyle, psychosexual & relationship therapist, Hayley Quinn, an international dating expert, who offers coaching to men and women and Milly Smith, a mental health & body acceptance Speaker with her successful instagram account @selfloveclubb.

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