I masturbated every day for a week: Here’s what happened


I try to keep a level head and stay humble, but when it comes to talking about my job, it’s honestly hard not to brag sometimes. After all, how many people can say they get paid to get off? At least, that was the assignment I set for myself this week. The challenge was simple: masturbate every day for a week and chronicle my experiences. The results were anything but expected. Here’s what happened…

Day one:

It’s Monday morning and I’m on deadline to get a column out for one of the big news titles I write for. I’m feeling stressed. Usually I swallow back the stress and attempt to work through it. Today I broke with routine, reached for my trusty Womanizer Liberty and orgasmed away my anxiety. The Womanizer Liberty gives me the fastest orgasms I’ve ever had, and while I believe in making quality time for self-love, there was no time to be spared today if I was going to get this column in. It delivered a reliably speedy climax and I got to work, more focused than ever.

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Day two:

I’m getting ready for bed when I remember the challenge. I don’t feel in the mood, but I grab my new toy, Womanizer’s Duo G-spot and Clitoral Stimulator, and get to business. WOW. The orgasm is so intense I sleep more deeply than I have in weeks. Turns out it’s worth pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

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Day three:

I’m busy all day running errands. Even still, I duck into the ladies room to quickly satisfy myself. Unfortunately I can’t relax, so I end up pretty frustrated.

Day four:

I use my Womanizer  on myself before getting it on with my boyfriend. He watches and is incredibly turned on. We have hot, passionate sex. I love it!

Day five:

It’s Friday and I’m out for drinks with the girls when I tell them about my challenge. Impressed by the results so far (despite one frustrating experience, I’m feeling more energetic, self-confident and sexy) they pledge to take it on themselves. I’m quietly chuffed I’ve inspired a group of people’s climaxes.

Day six:

I practically jump on my boyfriend as soon as we wake up. I’m ravenous and must have him immediately. All this masturbation has upped my libido. Staying true to my challenge I give him a little show before inviting him to help me.

Day seven:

I finish off the week’s challenge with a bathtime self-love sesh, a glass of wine and some candles.

While I definitely don’t think I could commit to carving out time every day to get off, making self-love a priority this week has had a significant impact on my outlook. I’m more confident and cheeky, and I like it…

Masturbate all day? Well, I think, it’s a good idea.

Author: Nadia Bokody


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