How to clean sex toys: A little guide


Sex toys are a great way to enrich our love lives. They deserve some care and maintenance. If you’ve ever wondered how to clean your sex toys properly – we’ve got you covered.

The manufacturer recommends: How to clean sex toys after use

Sex toys come in direct contact with our most intimate regions, which are home to a wide range of bacteria and fungi. Unsurprisingly, they require a good cleaning after use and regular maintenance. It’s worth following the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to cleaning your sex toy, because different materials call for different treatments. When you follow the manufacturer’s guidance you can rest assured that your little sexy helper will be operating as it should time and again.  

Question: “How to clean sex toys?” Answer: “Keep it simple!”

Most sex toys are easy to clean: just hold them under running, lukewarm water for a few minutes and wash them with an antibacterial soap. Afterwards, leave them to air-dry on a towel. It’s best to avoid rubbing them dry because fluff from a towel or other fabric can stick to the device’s surface. If you’re using a battery-operated sex toy, ensure that the batteries are removed before you bring them in contact with water. Cleaning a Womanizer or We-Vibe sex toy is super simple and safe because they are 100% water-resistant.


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Hands off the all-purpose cleaner!

Under no circumstances should you be using an all-purpose or other chemical household cleaner to sanitize your sex toys. Any chemical residues after cleaning may cause an allergic reaction or irritation when they come in contact with the mucous membranes. Additionally, chemical cleaners may damage the surface material of the device. If you’re after a deeper clean, you can purchase specialist cleaners for your sex toys.

Proper storage of sex toys

The proper storage of sex toys is just as important as regular cleaning. Some devices come packaged in boxes you can continue to store them in. If that’s not the case, just go and find a suitable box for your sex gem. In any case, it’s worth protecting sex toys from dust. If you prefer to store one in your bedside table, it’s advised to wrap the toy in some cloth for extra protection. When you’re taking a longer break from a toy make sure you remove the batteries. For devices with rechargeable batteries it’s best to allow the toy to discharge before long-term storage.

Following these tips and tricks on sex toy cleaning and maintenance ensures that you get to enjoy your favorite devices for a long time – ready to be used whenever you feel like it.

Author: Konstanze Teschner


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