With yoga to better sex – here’s how it works


In an interview with Sting, the musician claimed that regular yoga practice had helped him to have fabulous sex for hours. Whether that statement is true may only be judged by his partner. Either way, according to our author Konstanze, there’s strong evidence that yoga can be the key to better sex.

Stomach, legs, pelvic floor: With yoga to better sex (and orgasms!)

Being a fitness trainer, for a long time I used to laugh at yoga. It was only after I’d dropped my prejudices and intensively engaged with yoga – the most original of all physical activities – that I began to appreciate its many benefits. The physical yoga exercises, called asanas, have a strengthening effect on the musculature, our conscious perception and the general mobility of the body. In addition, yoga increases the production of happiness hormones. In effect, its practice helps me to feel sexy and full of energy. However, mobility, power and energy are only the initial, obvious advantages of yoga. I never thought I’d be able to train small, deep-set muscles. These allow me to perceive my pelvic floor entirely differently. I would even go so far as to say that when regularly practicing yoga I can actually intensify my orgasms.

Open mind – open pants

Stress is among one of the greatest killers of sex. Those that practice yoga regularly will feel more balanced and better prepared to deal with life’s challenges. There are many who believe that yoga is all about handstands and double-jointedness, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Meditative practices such as the focusing of the breath, the conscious perception of emotions and thoughts as well as the training of body awareness are all essential components of a good yoga class. Energy flows freely through the body, increasing sensuality and the sensation of pleasure. These elements make a solid foundation for good sex and a free and open mind.

Partner yoga: foreplay on the yoga mat

It’s an indisputable fact that more women practice yoga than men. And yet it wouldn’t harm the other sex to devote more attention to the asanas: even the masters of creation can profit from enhanced mobility and mindfulness. So why not take a trip to the yoga studio with your partner for better sex back home?! Partner yoga is fun and helps to boost trust. Through joint activity partners can get to know each other from a previously unexplored point of view. Practicing partner yogis report a deeper connection, more openness and intimacy as well as a greater sense of adventure in the bedroom.

Does yoga lead to better sex? Yes, says the yoga teacher

I asked my yoga teacher whether she could affirm that yoga leads to better sex. She energetically agreed. “Yoga is the connection to yourself. The more you can connect to yourself, the more you are able to explore the openness to connect with someone else.” She also added that there are clear advantages at the physical level too. “The muscular strengthening of the pelvic floor can be of advantage in increasing the lust of both partners. I am convinced of that. Especially after birth, it’s important to support the vaginal musculature.”

How to motivate yourself to go to yoga – visualization

My argument should have convinced you: thanks to yoga you’ll experience more pleasurable sex. But what happens when you just can’t find the motivation to get up and go?! The answer is visualization. Just close your eyes and try to imagine the wonderful feeling of a long yoga session: your body feels taut and strong, your soul is balanced and free. So, take that feeling, put on those sexy yoga leggings and practice your asanas. Maybe your partner will join you and you’ll end up putting the yoga class to bed.

Author: Konstanze Teschner

Photo by Form on Unsplash


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