Energy Orgasm: Does it really exist?


Somehow you’ve come across this term over and over: energy orgasm. But what does it actually mean? Today we get to the bottom of it.

Is it possible? To reach climax without any touching or skin contact? It sounds like magic. But it is supposedly possible – and most people can apparently experience it. At least that’s according to energy sex and energy orgasm coaches. One of the most well-known is Leyla Martin. The UK-based coach has been named by Women’s Health magazine as “The Headmistress of Pleasure” and has published an eye-opening energy orgasm video.

In the video, Martin describes how she is bringing another woman to a whole-body orgasm – with guided meditation instead of touching her, which includes breathing exercises and hand movements. To see how this all works, you should probably check it out for yourself.

Huh? What’s an energy orgasm?

Simply put, an energy orgasm is a climax that is created entirely by yourself with your own mind and body. If you want to label that as crazy, then maybe you should consider what is different about an energy orgasm to a physical orgasm. The answer? Not that much. It’s the same as how a really great climax can only be achieved when your mind is relaxed and open. Have you ever had great sex while thinking about work, your shopping list or the next family vacation? Exactly! Mental blockages and stress are both reasons for people not having orgasms and missing the bedroom pleasures they deserve. For that reason, concepts like tantra, energy sex and energy orgasms are no longer that outlandish. They allow you to break down mental barriers and to reach a space where sex, orgasms and feelings in general are both deeper and more pleasurable.

And how do you reach an energy orgasm?

First and foremost, by avoiding feeling forced or taking on any additional pressure (as is common when it comes to orgasms). Turn to a sexual partner or partners that are trustworthy. Give yourself time to explore this experiment.

Step # 1: Think about your breathing

As you’ve seen in the video, the foundation for an energy orgasm is deep breathing. Lie down and get comfortable, open yourself up and breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth freely.

Step # 2: Feel the energy

Now it gets to the difficult part, where most give up quickly: it’s about opening your mind and taking in the idea of an energy orgasm. Don’t force yourself, that’s pointless.

This is where your partner or partners become important. Without touching your body, they hold their hands over certain areas – the pubic area, over your belly button or the clavicles. By this point, many people report that you feel the energy in the form of tingling, vibration or heat in your body. Let it happen and just say “yes!”

Step # 3: Let Go!

Letting go might sound strange now. As soon as you feel the energy, let it flow so you can ride on the wave of your orgasm for as long as you like.

The energy is sent by your partner/s from your pelvic area to your head. You might laugh, cry or scream or even moan. “I can feel the traces of his hands over my body and can feel how energy builds up and suddenly shoots from between my legs through my stomach and up to my head. But what is it? An orgasm? Similar and yet very different. It is difficult to describe, I feel like laughing and then there’s another wave and another and another, which make me jump and shake. It is all at once relaxing, liberating and really nice.” This is how author and blogger Tina Molin describes her first experience with energy sex and energy orgasms.

And if you don’t feel anything? Then that isn’t so bad either. Like a physical orgasm, you can’t force an energy orgasm. If it doesn’t work the first time, try it again later.

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Autorin: Frieda Hintze

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash


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