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Boring sex- and dating tips? Hell now! The Womanizer Magazine is a platform for female sexuality in all its facets. Our team of talented and strong women writes about female empowerment, self-love, the female body and of course the female orgasm.

The Womanizer is unique, and so is our magazine. Our writing doesn’t merely recycle old conversations. We channel unique voices. Why? To pave the way for all women – and men – worldwide to experience their individual orgasms – time and again. And to find their personal sexual fullfilment. All in the spirit of their campaign: #I MASTURBATE.

Nadia Bokody

Nadia Bokody is a sex-positive journalist and media commentator with a passion for empowering women in their sexuality, relationships and mental health. She’s also a regular columnist for titles including HuffPost, Mamamia, Thought Cataloug, The Sun, News.com.au, The Washington Post and more, and a regular sexpert on TV and radio shows including Triple M’s The Grill Team and Channel 7’s The Morning Show. Her relatable, comedic sex-ed YouTube channel has exploded in growth, amassing over 110,000 subscribers in just three months. When she’s not talking about sex or trialing the latest and greatest adult toys, she can be found running global women’s website, SHESAID.com.

Edith Löhle Womanizer O Diaries

Edith Löhle

When I was a child I never understood why my friends’ parents would tear out the sexual education pages of BRAVO, the German teen magazine. Why didn’t we just talk about it? After all, sex concerns us all. That’s why I embarked on a career as a journalist 12 years ago at – you guessed it – BRAVO. Here, I got to work closely with the Dr. Sommer team – a group of journalists answering questions about puberty and teenagers’ sexual concerns. Since then, I’ve been publishing content across a wide variety of German media including Neon, Emotion, Spiegel.de, BILD, Grazia, Gala or Blonde. Having overseen the launch of media company Refinery29 in Germany as editor in chief, I now work as a freelance journalist and author, focusing on pieces about strong women, sexuality and body positivity. Through my work, I aim to challenge obsolete and outdated gender stereotypes and the discrimination of women.

Tina Molin O Diaries Autorin Womanizer MagazinTina Molin

Having worked as a journalist for 20 years, I’ve written about techno, parties and celebrities. Then I became a mum and all of a sudden, my sexual desires were gone. Trying to rediscover my sexuality, I joined cuddling parties, tried cervical de-armoring and tantric sex. Now, I write about my sexual experiences, mindful sexuality and sexual spirituality on my blog Happyvagina.de. Through further education, I’ve become a feminist, a sexpert, and regularly hold workshops and lectures to coach women to help them discover their inner strength.

© Photo by Dunja Kara

Konstanze Teschner

Fitness trainer, blogger for Louise et Hélène, photographer and turtle-mum: I’ve taken on many roles over the years. I believe life is a playground, where I get to discover new things every day. Curiosity and drive compelled me to start writing. Through my work, I seek to explore the role of women in our society. What does it mean to be woman? What are the specific challenges? How can I enjoy my femininity in an honest way? And how do we keep the balance between body culture and body positivity? I look for the answers every day.

Frieda Hintze O-Diaries Womanizer MagazinFrieda Hintze

I’ve worked as a freelance journalist for 10 years. I used to write about Easter recipes and style icons, about human metabolism and Michelin-rated restaurants. In short, I used to write about everything, except for sex. And for a good reason. I considered myself to be an average sexual person for all those years. Until a breakup persuaded me to stop taking the pill, which I had been on for 14 years. It was then, at the age of 28, that I finally discovered my wonderful sexuality and found my true, unique and hungry libido. Ever since, I’ve not only practiced a new sexuality, I write and speak about it too. I’ve never been as fulfilled as I am today!

© Photo by Caroline Scharff

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The Womanizer is a unique sex toy, designed for maximum pleasure. We believe that all women are equal and beautiful. We celebrate the female body and fight sexual prejudice. We believe that everyone has the right to orgasm. This is our revolution: #OrgasmIsAHumanRight!


O Diaries celebrates the diversity of women. We’re passionately committed to helping improve the lives of women through the stories and conversations we feature on this blog. Our team of writers and editors approaches every story with compassion and honesty. We won’t hold back – that’s a promise.

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